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Dragging & dropping photos

You can drag & drop the thumbnails for photos from the thumbnails section of the Photo Browser window to either the Folder Navigator or to other applications.

Dragging thumbnails to: Will cause:
a folder in the Folder Navigator the image files to be moved there
the icon of an application that can open image files the image files to be opened
a folder window or the desktop the image files to be copied there
a window of a text editor or terminal emulator the full paths to those files to be pasted

(The table above is illustrative and not exhaustive because what happens when an image file is dropped onto an application’s icon or window depends entirely on the application.)

To drag & drop photos:

  1. Select one or more thumbnails of the photos that you want to drag & drop. (Use the Shift key to select multiple, contiguous thumbnails or the Command Control key to select multiple, non-contiguous thumbnails.)
  2. Click then drag the selected thumbnails to another application’s window and drop them there by releasing the mouse button.

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