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LightZone metadata en Metadata Metadata is data about a photo, such as its dimensions and file size, as well as the digital camera used to take the photo, such as the make and model, lens, ISO setting, and shutter speed.

Additionally, metadata can also include information about the content of a photo such as its title, caption, copyright, creator, and location. (Such metadata is known as IPTC metadata.)

LightZone reads all the metadata for a photo from its image file automatically. Additionally, LightZone will also read metadata for a photo from a sidecar XMP file (if present).

On the right side of the browser window is the Metadata Inspector that shows the selected photo’s metadata. You can edit metadata that has a dark gray background. (Editing metadata is not available in LightZone Basic.)

To display the metadata for a photo:

  1. Select the thumbnail of the photo.

To edit the metadata for a photo:

  1. Click in any metadata that has a dark gray background and type the new data. If you have set your copyright preferences, you can click the small arrow on the right of either the Copyright or Creator metadata and the data will be filled in automatically.

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