LightZone app icon 32 Navigating folders

Navigating folders

LightZone folders en Navigating folders On the left side of the LightZone window is the Folder Navigator that shows the folders on your computer. The Folder Navigator looks and works much like a Finder Windows Explorer window in list view mode.

The major difference, however, is that only folders and disks are shown — files are not. Instead, thumbnails for the photos in the selected folder are displayed in the thumbnails section of the window.

The Folder Navigator allows you to navigate to, select, and view the thumbnails and metadata for photos in folders on your computer.

To navigate to a folder:

  1. Click the triangles plus signs ‘+’ to expand the folders.
  2. Select the desired folder.

LightZone tools navigator en Navigating folders Additionally, the navigator tool buttons can be used to navigate.

The Back/Forward buttons can be used to navigate either back or forward to the folder you were previously in.

The Path button can be used to navigate up the folder tree quickly.

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