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Batch converting images

In addition to being able to convert images individually, you can use the Photo Browser to convert multiple images as a batch.

Note: This feature is not available in LightZone Basic.

To batch convert your photos:

  1. Using the Photo Browser, select two or more thumbnails of the photos that you want to convert. (Use the Shift key to select multiple, contiguous thumbnails or the Command Control key to select multiple, non-contiguous thumbnails.)
  2. Select Browser > Convert… (The batch convert dialog will be presented.)
  3. Use the Choose… button to select the folder to convert the images to.
  4. The Batch Name, if provided, is appended to the name of each converted file (but before the extension).
  5. Select the type of image to convert to: JPEG or TIFF.
  6. Set the quality (for JPEG) or bit depth (for TIFF).
  7. Select whether to use LZW compression (TIFF only).
  8. Click Start. (LightZone display a progress dialog while converting your photos.)
  9. Click Done.

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