LightZone app icon 32 Color Selection Viewer

Color Selection Viewer

Sharing space with the ZoneFinder, Histogram, and Sampler in the upper-right corner of the LightZone window is also the Color Selection Viewer that shows the areas of your photo that are in the selected tool’s color/luminosity selection.

For example, compare what is shown below.

(a) no color selected (b) blues selected
LightZone color selection preview before Color Selection Viewer LightZone color selection preview after Color Selection Viewer

In (a), no selection has been made so the viewer shows your entire photo in full color. In (b), the blues have been selected so the areas of the photo that are blue are shown as white (selected) and the rest is shown as black (not selected).

To show the Color Selection Preview:

  1. Click the Color Mask tab.

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