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Color/Luminosity selection

LightZone tool tab color selection en Color/Luminosity selection Ordinarily, a tool affects your entire photo. Using a color/luminosity selection, you can restrict a tool’s effect to just a selected hue or luminosity range.

Additionally, color/luminosity selections have adjustable feathering thus eliminating sharp edges between where a selection is and isn’t.

To make a color/luminosity selection:

  1. Select the tool that you want to make a color/luminosity selection for by clicking its title bar.
  2. Click the Color Selection tab to reveal the color/luminosity selection controls.
  3. Click the eyedropper button. (The mouse will change to an eyedropper.)
  4. To select only by hue, uncheck the Enable luminosity checkbox; to select only by luminosity, uncheck the Enable hue checkbox.
  5. Click somewhere on your photo that is either the color or luminosity you want to select. (The color/luminosity selections as well as the Color Selection Viewer will update to reflect the selected color/luminosity.)
  6. Optionally, adjust the Range slider to increase or decrease the range of hues selected around the color shown by the color swatch.
  7. Optionally, adjust the Luminosity range sliders to affect the part of the selected luminosity range.
  8. To select all colors except the selected color, click the Invert checkbox.
  9. If you are satisfied with the color/luminosity selection, click the eyedropper button again to complete the selection.

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