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Copying & pasting tools

You can copy the tools from the tool stack from one photo to others using the thumbnails of the Photo Browser. This is useful when you’ve taken a set of photos of the same scene under the same conditions: edit one of the photos of the set to your liking, then apply those edits to the remainder of the photos in the set.


To copy and paste the tools in the tool stack:

  1. Using the Photo Browser, select the thumbnail of the photo you want copy the tools from.
  2. Select Browser > Copy Tools.
  3. Again using the Photo Browser, select one or more thumbnails of the photos that you want to paste the tools to. (Use the Shift key to select multiple, contiguous thumbnails or the Command Control key to select multiple, non-contiguous thumbnails.)
  4. Select Browser > Paste Tools…
  5. A dialog box will appear where you specify how you want the paste to be done. If specified, the Batch Label forms part of the new file names and is inserted just before the extension.
  6. Click Start. (New LightZone JPEG or TIFF files will be created that contain the tools.)

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