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LightZone print dialog en How to print LightZone allows you to print your photos directly to a color printer and get professional results.

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To print your photo:

  1. Select File > Print… to print the photo currently being edited, or Browser > Print… to print the photo for the selected thumbnail in the Photo Browser.
  2. Select how colors will be handled from the Color Handling pop-up menu:
    • Printer Managed: the printer will do color conversion.
    • Application Managed: LightZone will do color conversion.
  3. If you selected Application Managed for Color Handling, select the rendering intent from the Rendering Intent pop-up menu.
  4. Position and size your photo on the paper by entering distances and dimensions in the Left, Top, Width, Height, and Scale text fields, or simply click the Center Image checkbox and Scale to Fit button.
  5. To change standard page set-up and paper options, click Page Setup…
  6. Click Print…

How to print