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Regions: Copying regions

Once created, a region can be copied. This is very useful in a couple of situations:

  • You want to apply a single tool to multiple areas of your photo that have the same shape, for example to blur similarly sized blemishes.
  • You want to apply multiple tools to the same area of your photo, for example to increase both the contrast and sharpness of a person’s eyes.

Additionally, when you paste a region into one tool that has been copied from another, you can paste it linked. If a linked region is moved or edited, all the regions it is linked to are likewise moved or edited.

To copy and paste a region:

  1. Select the region you want to copy by clicking it. (Its contour will change from a solid line to a dashed line.)
  2. Select Edit > Copy Region.
  3. Select the tool in the tool stack where you want to paste the region.
  4. Select Edit > Paste Region or Paste Region Linked.

Copying regions