LightZone app icon 32 Feathering

Regions: Feathering

Every region in LightZone has a feathering area that is marked by an inner line that matches the contour of the region. Inside the inner line, the tool for the region has 100% effect; outside the outer line, the tool has 0% effect. In between, the tool’s effect is smoothly “feathered” from 0 to 100%.

Note: This feathering is reversed if the region has been inverted.

To adjust the size of the feathering area of a region:

  1. Click the Regions button in the tool bar. (The region kind buttons will appear to the right of the tool bar and the regions for the tool will become visible on your photo.)
  2. LightZone region feather Feathering Double-click the region whose feathering area you want to adjust. (The control points and the inner line will become visible.)
  3. Drag the inner line out or in to increase or decrease the size of the feathering area.
  4. When done, you can either click anywhere outside the region, or press either the return or esc (escape) key.