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Saving your work

LightZone jpeg lzn Saving your work When you save your work, LightZone saves your photo as a “LightZone JPEG” file. A “LightZone JPEG” file is an ordinary JPEG file that is a preview version of your original photo but also contains the tool stack you created while editing your photo. By default, LightZone appends _lzn to the file name to indicate that it’s a LightZone JPEG.

Being an ordinary JPEG file, it can be opened by any application that works with JPEG files, be e-mailed, or displayed on the web. When reopened with LightZone, however, the tool stack is restored and you can resume editing where you left off. Thumbnails in the Photo Browser indicate LightZone JPEG files with “JPEG-LZN” as shown above.

A LightZone JPEG still refers to your original photo (whether it’s a raw, TIFF, or another JPEG). Therefore, you should never delete your original photo.

To save your work:

  1. Select File > Save… or Save As…
  2. Enter a name for the file.
  3. Select a destination folder for the file.
  4. Click Save.

Note: Alternatively, you can save your work as “LightZone TIFF” files by changing the save preference.

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