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Styles: Creating

Creating a style saves a tool stack with a name for later application to other photos. Additionally, you can replace the default tone curve for a camera with a style you create.

To create a style:

  1. Create a tool stack to your liking.
  2. Select File > Save as Style…
  3. Enter a name for the style.
  4. Enter or select a name for the style’s folder. (Styles are grouped into folders of your choosing.)
  5. If the photo is a raw image file, there will be a checkbox that, if checked, will cause this style to be applied to all raw images from the specified camera when opened. This will replace the default tone curve for that camera.
  6. Select only those editing tools from the tool stack that you want saved as part of the style. (The tools are shown in the same order as they are in the tool stack. It’s best if you labeled the tools so each can be easily identified.)
  7. Click Save.

Note: If you replace the default tone curve for a camera with your own style, you can revert to the original default tone curve for the camera by selecting File > Reset Style… then the name of the style.

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