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Black & white conversion

LightZone tool black and white en Black & White The Black & White tool allows you to convert a color photo into a black-and-white photo.

Additionally, you can control the conversion as if a colored filter were placed in front of the lens when the photo was taken.

Note: A filter of a certain color actually filters out its complementary color (the color directly across from it in the color wheel).

For example, a yellow filter filters out blue light (because blue is directly across from yellow). Therefore, you can usually increase contrast in the sky by using a yellow filter because it filters out the blue of the sky thus making the sky darker compared to clouds.

To convert a color photo to black-and-white:

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  1. Click the black & white tool button in the tool bar. (A new black & white tool will appear at the top of the tool stack.)
  2. To apply a colored filter, click in the color wheel. (For example, clicking somewhere in the yellow part of the color wheel applies yellow filter.)
  3. Adjust the Strength slider to increase or decrease the strength (and thus effect) of the tool.
  4. Optionally:

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