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Cloning areas

LightZone tool clone en Clone The Clone tool allows you to copy an area of your photo to another area. This can be used to remove unwanted items from your photo.

The clone tool is a more general version of the Spot tool.

Unlike other tools, the clone tool is special in that it needs at least one region. However, the regions can not be inverted.

To clone an area of your photo:

LightZone button clone Clone

  1. Click the clone tool button in the tool bar. (A new clone tool will appear at the top of the tool stack.)
  2. Create a region around the area that is to be copied over.
  3. Click and drag the cross-hair cursor to the center of the area to copy from.
    LightZone clone Clone

    An area that is the same size and shape as the region you created will be copied from around the cross-hair cursor to the region you created.

  4. Optionally:

Note: A single Clone tool can have multiple regions. (Each has its own cross-hair cursor.) The advantage of doing this is that they all share the same blend mode, opacity, and color & luminosity selection.

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