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Adjusting hue/saturation

LightZone tool hue saturation en Hue/Saturation The Hue/Saturation tool allows you to make color adjustments in hue, saturation, or vibrance. All adjustments are relative.

  • Hue: The color of pixels.
  • Saturation: How vivid all colors are.
  • Vibrance: How vivid primary colors are.

The Vibrance slider is better than the Saturation slider when you want to adjust only the saturation of foliage, the sky, water, clothing, make-up (things that contain reds, greens, and blues), but leave the saturation of skin and earth tones largely unchanged.

For example, compare the photos below.

(a) original (b) vibrance +50 (c) saturation +50
LightZone hue saturation original Hue/Saturation LightZone hue saturation vibrance Hue/Saturation LightZone hue saturation saturation Hue/Saturation

In (b), the vibrance has been increased by 50 resulting in more vivid make-up, but with the hair and background largely unchanged. In (c), the saturation has been increased by 50 instead resulting in unnaturally vivid colors overall.

To adjust the hue/saturation of your photo:

LightZone button hue saturation Hue/Saturation

  1. Click the hue/saturation tool button in the tool bar. (A new hue/saturation tool will appear at the top of the tool stack.)
  2. Use the sliders to make adjustments:

    LightZone color wheel Hue/Saturation

    • The Hue slider adjusts around the wheel.
    • The Saturation slider adjusts along the radius of the wheel from the center to the edge for all colors.
    • The Vibrance slider adjusts along the radius of the wheel from the center to the edge, but only for the primary colors of red, green, and blue.
  3. Optionally:

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