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Red-Eye reduction

LightZone tool red eye en Red Eye The Red-Eye tool allows you reduce “red-eye” that sometimes occurs in photos shot using a flash.

The red-eye tool works similarly to the Spot tool. Like the Spot tool, the regions for the Red-Eye tool can not be inverted.

To reduce red-eye in your photo:

LightZone button red eye Red Eye

  1. Click the red-eye tool button in the tool bar. (A new red-eye tool will appear at the top of the tool stack.)
  2. Click on every eye in your photo that you want redness removed from. (A region will appear every time you click.)
  3. To adjust the size or shape of a region:
    1. Double-click the region you want to adjust. (The control points and inner feathering line will become visible.)
    2. LightZone red eye control points Red Eye Drag a control point or the feathering line until it’s in the desired location.
    3. When done, you can either click anywhere outside the region, or press either the return or esc (escape) key to complete the adjustments.
  4. Use the Tolerance slider to adjust how “red” pixels have to be in order to have their redness reduced.

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