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LightZone tool relight en Relight The Relight tool allows you to “relight” all or parts of your photo as if the lighting were different when you took it.

The Relight tool does this by reducing the large scale contrast and, at the same time, increasing the local contrast. This mimics the behavior of the human visual system and makes your photo more appealing and easier to work with.

To adjust the contrast of your photo:

LightZone button relight Relight

  1. Click the Relight tool button in the tool bar. (A new Relight tool will appear at the top of the tool stack.)
  2. Use the sliders to adjust the contrast:
    • The Shadows slider adjusts the lightness of those parts of your photo that are in shadow.
    • The Highlights slider adjusts the lightness of those part of your photo that are brightly lit.
    • The Detail slider controls the local contrast adjustment on the details in your photo. The higher the detail value, the higher the detail.
    • The Depth slider adjusts how “flat” or “deep” the lighting of your photo is.
    • The Fuzz slider adjusts how “fuzzy” the edges between light and dark areas are.
  3. Optionally:

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