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Sharpening a photo

LightZone tool sharpen en Sharpen The Sharpen tool allows you to sharpen all or parts of your photo using a technique based on the tradition of using an unsharp mask in a darkroom to increase the perception of sharpness by emphasizing edges.

Most digital photos have a slight softness in the fine details and would benefit from sharpening.

To sharpen your photo:

LightZone button sharpen Sharpen

  1. Click the sharpen tool button in the tool bar. (A new sharpen tool will appear at the top of the tool stack.)
  2. Use the sliders to adjust the sharpness:
    • The Amount slider controls how much sharpening is done.
    • The Radius slider controls how widely the sharpening effect is done around each pixel.
    • The Threshold slider controls how different each pixel must be from its surrounding area before it is considered an edge pixel and therefore sharpened.
  3. Optionally:

Note: It’s best to be viewing your photo fully zoomed-in before sharpening it by selecting View > Actual Pixels.

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