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Removing spots

LightZone tool spot en Spot The Spot tool allows you to remove dust, scratches, blemishes, or other unwanted items from your photo.

The spot tool is a specialized version of the Clone tool. Similarly to the Clone tool, a spot is removed by copying another part of your photo over the spot. Also like the Clone tool, the regions for the Spot tool can not be inverted.

To remove spots from your photo:

LightZone button spot Spot

  1. Click the spot tool button in the tool bar. (A new spot tool will appear at the top of the tool stack.)
  2. Click on every spot in your photo that you want removed.
  3. To adjust the size or shape of a spot:
    1. Double-click the spot you want to adjust. (The control points, cross-hair cursor, and inner feathering line will become visible.)
    2. LightZone spot control points Spot Drag a control point, the cross-hair cursor, or the feathering line until it’s in the desired location. (The cross-hair cursor designates the center of the area to copy from.)
    3. When done, you can either click anywhere outside the spot, or press either the return or esc (escape) key to complete the adjustments.

Note: After adjusting the size of a spot, all subsequently created spots will have the new size.

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