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ZoneMapper: Adjusting contrast

One of several adjustments you can make to your photo using the ZoneMapper tool is contrast.

Contrast adjustments using the ZoneMapper tool are performed by stretching or compressing the luminance range. Before adjusting contrast, however, you first need to identify the luminance range you want to adjust. You can use the ZoneFinder for this.

To increase the contrast of your photo:

LightZone button zonemapper Adjusting contrast

  1. Click the ZoneMapper tool button in the tool bar. (A new ZoneMapper tool will appear at the top of the tool stack.)
  2. Move the mouse along the zones in the ZoneMapper to locate the zone above which you do not want to adjust contrast. (As you move the mouse, you can see the zones highlight in the ZoneFinder.)
  3. Click to add a zone lock (a thin, blue line with a little ‘X’ at its right).
  4. Similarly, move the mouse along the zones to locate the zone below which you do not want to adjust contrast.
  5. Click to add a second zone lock.
  6. Drag the upper zone lock upwards and the lower zone lock downwards. As you do so, the contrast of the midtones of your photo will increase.
    (a) before (b) after
    LightZone tool zonemapper contrast before en Adjusting contrast   LightZone tool zonemapper contrast after en Adjusting contrast
  7. Optionally:
  8. To delete a zone lock, click the little ‘X’ at its right.

    LightZone tool zonemapper x Adjusting contrast

Note: To decrease the contrast of you photo, drag the zone locks towards each other rather than away from each other.

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