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Workflow integration: iView MediaPro

iView MediaPro (from Microsoft) allows you to select another application as a “helper application” for editing your photos. You can configure LightZone to be such a helper application.

Note: The information provided here is accurate as of iView MediaPro version 3.1.2 but may need to change for future versions.

To configure iView MediaPro to work with LightZone:

  1. Select iView MediaPro > Preferences > Helper Applications…
  2. Click Add…
  3. Navigate to and select LightZone.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Select Edit > Folder Watching…
  6. Select “Check every minute.”
  7. Click OK.

To configure LightZone to work with iView MediaPro:

  1. Select LightZone Edit > Preferences…
  2. For Save to Folder, select Recent Folder.

Now that everything has been configured, you can select one of your photos in iView MediaPro and edit it in LightZone.

To edit your photo in LightZone from iView MediaPro:

  1. In iView MediaPro, select the image you want to edit.
  2. Select Action > Open With > LightZone. (LightZone will launch and open your photo.)
  3. In LightZone, edit your photo to your liking as you would any photo.
  4. Select File > Save…
  5. Navigate to and select a folder where you want to save your edited photo.
  6. For File Type, select JPEG.
  7. Click Save.
  8. Switch back to iView MediaPro: if the folder you saved your photo to is set to auto-update, the edited version of your photo will appear.
  9. To resume editing of your photo: select the JPEG then select Action > Open With > LightZone. (LightZone will launch, open your photo, and show the tool stack as you last left it.)

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