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LightZone has a handful of user preferences that affect how it operates. They are described below.

Auto Save
Ordinarily when you are editing a photo, if you try to edit another photo, LightZone will present you with a Save alert asking you whether you want to save your work before viewing the preview image for the other photo. Selecting this option will save your work automatically.
Browser Cache
To operate quickly, LightZone caches thumbnail images of your photos in hidden folders on your computer. The hidden folders can either go in the same folders as your photos (“local”) or all together in one location (“global”).
Check for Update
If checked, LightZone will automatically check to see if a new software version is available when launched. If a new version is available, you will be notified by an alert. Note that your computer must have a connection to the internet when LightZone is launched in order to check. (If there is no internet connection, the check is skipped.)
Copyright Preferences
These preferences allow you to set default values for the name of the artist/photographer and the copyright notice when editing the metadata of your photos.
Direct Save
When checked, using LightZone as the external editor for another application will cause LightZone to save your photo directly back to the other application when you select File > Save.
Interactive Rendering
This controls when your photo is updated while you create or adjust a region.
  • All the time: Your photo will be updated continuously.
  • Between Region Changes: Your photo will not be updated until you release the mouse.
  • When Regions are Done: Your photo will not be updated until you are done adjusting a region (by clicking outside the region, or by pressing either the return or esc (escape) key).
LightZone Basic Mode
If checked, LightZone operates as LightZone Basic. (The checkbox is disabled when LightZone is licensed with a LightZone Basic serial number.)
Memory Limit
This sets the upper limit on the amount of memory that LightZone will use. A high limit enables LightZone to operate faster and smoother; a low limit leaves more memory available for other applications.
Reset LightZone Settings
Clicking the Reset button will reset LightZone to have its original factory settings. This can sometimes resolve some problems you may experience. Note that after a reset is performed, LightZone must quit.
Scratch Folder
This is the folder that LightZone will use to store data temporarily while you edit your photos. If you have a fast hard disk, using a folder on it will enable LightZone to operate faster.
Show Tool Titles
When checked, the user interface shows titles for the buttons; when unchecked, only the buttons themselves are shown.
Save to Folder
This controls the folder to which your photos are saved whenever File > Save is selected the first time for a photo.
Save LightZone files as
This controls the format of the image file used when you save your work.

To edit preferences:

  1. Select LightZone Edit > Preferences… (the Preferences dialog will appear).
  2. Edit the preferences as you like.
  3. Click OK.

Note: Some preferences are effective only after LightZone is relaunched.